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Move + Be Moved. Bender is an urban playground for body and soul. We create experiences that blend yoga, dance, fresh music, art, and culture – all the most flavorful and uplifting elements of our city life. And we connect people who enjoy them.

Our venues include a range of inspiring spaces; and we use only 100% real “ingredients” in all we do. That is, we work with a team of the most experienced and creative yoga teachers, DJs, designers, and other collaborators – each hand-picked for their specific voice and fit with our flavor.

The spirit of Bender is weaving these voices in a way that respects and highlights each, to deliver an experience that is deep and authentic for our members at every gathering.

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CLIENTS Bender has worked with include :


Arts Brookfield

Spiritual Gangster


LA Metro


PARTNERS Bender works with include :

DEEP Los Angeles

Skyspace LA


W Hotels

Ace Hotels

Sound Nightclub

Visual Reality

Spiritual Gangster


Sound Off

Disco Dining Club

Sofar Sounds

Subtract Music

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